Love, hate and other emotions….

Love, hate and other emotions. Blogpost by Bernardus Muller

When confronted with a terminal disease, you will find yourself in an emotional roller coaster, not just the one in an amusement park, but the biggest you have ever been in.

Your family embraces you with love, whilst you just only want to fight. Your friends feel sorry for you, but their lives continue as well, but don t procrastinate, Nietzsche, Freud, Jung and Tolle have written books full on how people behave, just follow your instinct.

You might hate the state you are in, your family is angry and questions as why me? appear to one’s mind, but remember we all exist only 0,000002 % of our planet’s evolution time out here, so why the worries and negativity?

I still travel 150.000 km a year to visit beautiful places, meet interesting people & cultures and I don t postpone till tomorrow what I can do today! I learned on my journeys that not every one on our globe handles emotions similarly, when confronted with an epochal event, hence in our modern world we’ve been imprinted with pre judgements and fear. Just remember the only one that can change that, is YOU!

Rest assured I’ve been through it all and met many patients in a far worse state than myself, so certainly from time to time allow yourself to have all these emotions, but the next day when you wake up, just look inside and find the strength to continue, stay positive and love the ones, who love you….

One Man…


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Dutch entrepreneur. #ALS #MND fighter since 2010, initiator @_makeityours & solutionist @treewaytherapy. One man can and will find a way, why not be that man...

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One thought on “Love, hate and other emotions….

  1. Brian Mackay says:

    I too was diagnosed with MND in Jan 2011, and yes it is progressing, however, I still try to remain positive. My family and friends are very supportive, and me and my wife travel as much as we can. We hope, as every other person suffering with ALS/MND that there is a cure soon. Brian Mackay.

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