When Eyes Speak, Art Listens: Eye-Gaze AI Art auction on June 21, World ALS Day.

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Hello everyone,

I, Bernard Muller, have some exciting news to share with you. Having long embraced technology to overcome the adversities brought by my ALS/MND diagnosis in 2010, I have extended my creative and entrepreneurial spirit to the realm of AI-generated art.

On June 21st, World ALS Day, I will be hosting an AI Art Auction on eBay, presenting the “Treeway AI Art Collection,” a series of art pieces crafted through the union of human spirit, eye-gaze technology, and the power of artificial intelligence.

I was diagnosed with ALS/MND, a condition that gradually took away my ability to move and speak, but not my determination. Using an eye-gaze computer and artificial intelligence, I’ve crafted captivating pieces of eye-gaze AI art, each symbolizing the resilience of life and the relentless progression of disease.

This collection, available for viewing at my gallery, represents a groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and human endeavor. Each piece communicates my journey, providing a striking visual narrative of my perspective and experience with ALS/MND.

As a leading figure in the fight against ALS/MND, my life’s work has been dedicated to battling this condition. This auction not only serves as an extension of that mission but also continues my quest to demonstrate the boundless capacity of creativity and determination, even in the face of adversity.

Mark your calendars for June 21st and for more details about the auction, take a look here.. This event is not just about acquiring a unique high-end AI artwork. It’s about supporting a cause, joining a journey of resilience and creativity, and making a real difference.


About BernardusMuller

Dutch entrepreneur. #ALS #MND fighter since 2010, initiator @_makeityours & solutionist @treewaytherapy. One man can and will find a way, why not be that man...

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