My Summer of Creation and Learning

a summer of creation and learning. Blogpost by Bernardus Muller
Hello dear readers,

Summer, traditionally a season of rest and relaxation, proved to be a whirlwind of activity for me this year. I embarked on several projects, both professional and personal, For me it was a summer of creation and learning. And I am excited to share the journey with you.

A Digital Revamp: My New Website

After months of dedication, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my revamped website. It boasts a new webshop, an integration of eight different languages, and introduces Arti Arti the artbot – your personal art curator. Have questions about my art or art in general? Arti is there to guide you. A completely rejuvenated news section is now brimming with the latest AI art updates, which I highly recommend checking out. Since the website launch last Thursday, my sights are set on amplifying web traffic and enhancing engagement.

Desert Illusions collection banner. AI generated art by Bernardus Muller
<strong>Desert Illusions <strong>

Desert Illusions: Surrealism Meets Minimalism

While I was redesigning my digital space, my creative juices flowed into a brand-new collection: ‘Desert Illusions‘. This series captures a dreamlike fusion, where the subtleties of minimalistic landscapes meet the ethereal charm of surrealism. Each piece is a vibrant dance of colors and emotions, with the play of light and shadows narrating tales of enigmatic beauty. Whether it’s the gentle curve of a dune or the juxtaposition of reality with fantasy, this collection is an invitation to a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

For those who wish to bring a piece of this dreamy realm into their daily lives, I’m thrilled to announce the ‘Desert Illusions’ 2024 calendar, presented in a sleek A3 size. It’s now available for just €45 on my webshop. Embrace the year ahead with art that inspires wonder and contemplation every day.

Diving Deeper into AI

This summer, I ventured into the intricate maze of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enrolling in courses that expanded my horizon online via Coursera and I’ll confess; it wasn’t always smooth sailing, especially with my last math class being a distant memory from 35 years ago! However, the experience invigorated my passion. Presently, I’m in the throes of experimenting with my own coding models. A special shoutout to OpenAI’s decoder for making this eye-coding journey less arduous. As they say, 90% of coding is debugging – I’ve come to realize how true that statement is.

AI Portraits: A New Service on the Horizon

Building on my newfound knowledge, I’ve begun training and fine-tuning image models, specializing in AI-generated portraits. With just 20-30 pictures of the subject, the results are mesmerizing. I aim to provide a touch of exclusivity combined with unparalleled quality, which is why I’ve opted for premium prints for these portraits.

Life’s Personal Touches

On a more personal note, August was a month of celebration as I turned 55! Surrounded by family and the warmth of their love, it was a special time. Despite the daily rigours of living with ALS, every day is a blessing. Opting for a tracheostomy was a life-changing decision that brought with it an unexpected zest for life.

First Exposition: A Dream Come True

And now, an announcement that has me tingling with anticipation: my very first exposition! Located just a stone’s throw from my home, the old church venue is close to my heart, allowing me to personally attend and engage with fellow art enthusiasts. Mark your calendars for September 30, October 1, and the weekend of October 7-8, from 12 to 18h at Landpoortstraat 34, Willemstad. I’d be delighted to see you there.

Until then, keep the spirit of art alive and thriving.




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