Welcome to the Bernardus Muller AI Art Gallery. Here, you’ll discover a collection of artworks that are as unique as they are inspiring. Every piece in this gallery was created using eye-gaze technology, transforming the gaze of Bernard Muller, an ALS patient, into powerful visual narratives. Delve into the stories of resilience and creativity that each artwork carries, and let yourself be drawn into a new dimension of artistic expression. Enjoy the journey!

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The Patient

Living with ALS, Bernardus Muller has transformed adversity into inspiration. As a co-founder of Treeway, a company dedicated to developing treatments for ALS, and the global fundraising initiative Project MinE, his journey resonates with unyielding strength and resilience. His tenacity, combined with his indomitable passion for life and art, reflects the essence of his spirit, inspiring every corner of his world.

The Artist

Embracing his diagnosis as a new canvas for expression, Bernardus Muller paints with a palette rich in vibrant hues of life, experience, and technology. Every artwork encapsulates a tale, a feeling, a memory – each one a unique piece of his journey. His creations, which vary from abstraction to portraits to fluid color compositions, demonstrate the duality of vulnerability and strength, captivating viewers with their emotive depth and visually engaging layers.

The Technology

Innovation shapes Bernardus’s world, both in his fight against ALS and his artistic journey. The Eye Gaze technology, a groundbreaking tool enabling eye movement control, combined with AI, unlocks a new dimension of creativity. This harmonious marriage of art and technology empowers Bernardus to create complex and stunning art pieces. Each dot, each line is a testament to human will and technological advancement, illustrating the beautiful synergy between human creativity and AI precision.

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