Revival Through AI: My Journey from ALS Patient to AI Art Creator

Colors of Resilience. Blogpost by Bernardus Muller

Colors of Resilience. Blogpost by Bernardus Muller

Life. It’s an unpredictable tapestry, woven with countless threads of joy, sorrow, triumph, and adversity. As an ALS patient, I have become acutely familiar with the unique threads of my tapestry – the trials, the resilience, and, recently, the incredible revival I’ve experienced, thanks to advances in technology.

The battle with ALS is relentless, as those familiar with the condition will know. When I was first diagnosed, I was overwhelmed by the grim prognosis. But I resolved to take every opportunity to fight and to continue experiencing life to its fullest. Recently, one of the most significant of these opportunities came in the form of going on a ventilator.

For many, going on a ventilator might signal a defeat, but for me, it was a turning point. I started to have more energy, more breath in my lungs to keep me going. I realized that while my body may have limitations, my spirit does not. There was still so much to live for, so much to explore. My focus shifted from merely surviving to thriving.

One of the ways I’ve chosen to thrive is through embracing technology to its fullest extent. Going on a ventilator was just the beginning. From there, I began to harness a variety of technologies to improve my quality of life. I utilized an eye-gazed computer that allows me to interact with the world through the movement of my eyes. It has been a window to the world for me, allowing me to communicate, learn, and create.

It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). What a fascinating, expansive field! I dedicated myself to becoming an autodidact, learning all I could about this breakthrough technology. The more I learned, the more I realized its immense potential. And with my newfound energy, I had plenty of time to dive in.

And dive in, I did. I began to create AI art using my eye-gazed computer. I developed a method of communicating with the AI through eye movements, directing it to create visual masterpieces based on my vision. These creations are now proudly displayed in my collection on OpenSea, a testament to the boundless possibilities of technology and human resilience.

In many ways, I’ve found joy, a renewed spirit, and a deep sense of fulfillment in this unexpected journey as an AI artist. Each day is a new opportunity to explore how technology can enhance my life further, how it can continue to weave the vibrant threads of my tapestry.

Now, I wake up every day with a renewed sense of purpose. I’ve become a part of something bigger than myself, a part of a community that transcends the limitations of physical ability and disease. With every piece of AI art I create, I am not just expressing my creativity but also telling a story of resilience, courage, and revival. And I believe that if my journey can inspire just one person to keep fighting, to keep exploring, to keep creating despite the odds, it will have been worth it.

I share my story with the world as proof that our spirits are indomitable. In the face of adversity, we can adapt, learn, and create beautiful things. I am a living testament to that, an ALS patient who found revival in the realms of technology and AI. So, I encourage you, no matter what battles you’re facing, embrace your potential, harness it, and let it fuel your journey to something extraordinary.

Every adversity we face can be the catalyst for a new beginning, a new way of being, a new life. So here’s to embracing the wonders of technology, to creating beautiful AI art, and to the indomitable human spirit that makes it all possible. My revival continues, and so does my journey. Each day is a new canvas, waiting for the touch of my gaze to bring it to life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Someone can and will find a way, why not be that one”


About BernardusMuller

Dutch entrepreneur. #ALS #MND fighter since 2010, initiator @_makeityours & solutionist @treewaytherapy. One man can and will find a way, why not be that man...

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11 thoughts on “Revival Through AI: My Journey from ALS Patient to AI Art Creator

  1. Mirjam says:

    Lieve Bernard,

    Ik ben zo blij om te lezen hoeveel liefde je hebt voor het leven! Jouw drive en positieve mindset zijn zo inspirerend en maken de wereld een stuk mooier. Ik bewonder je ontzettend en ben trots om jouw vriend te zijn. Blijf alsjeblieft altijd zo’n geweldige persoonlijkheid en blijf jezelf uitdagen en groeien. Je bent een voorbeeld voor ons allemaal!


    X Mirjam

  2. Monique says:

    …just wow and respect!

  3. Onverwoestbaar, Je lijkt op deze manier bijna onverwoestbaar en op bepaalde manier ben je dat ook! Levenslust, Je energie is inspirerend. Alle respect voor jouw weg en van je naasten. Leve groet Bianca (st ALS opende weg)

  4. Martien Scheffers says:

    Hi Bernard,
    Ik kreeg dit bericht doorgestuurd via onze RainbowRun app groep. Al langer geleden dat ik van je had gehoord. Wij hebben toentertijd de Rainbowrun georganiseerd voor Hein, om bij te dragen aan de strijd tegen ALS.

    Goed dat jij nog steeds de spirit hebt en ik ben onder de indruk hoe je nog zo positief in het leven staat. En dat technologie en AI je helpen jouw verhaal te visualiseren.

    Goed weekend nog. Ik ga je zeker volgen.
    Martien Scheffers

  5. Jonathan Stagnetto says:


    It is getting harder to keep up with your latest pursuits! 😁

    What an incredible human being you are. Your spirit is indomitable and our lives are richer for knowing you.

    Thank you for sharing

    Huge hugs,


  6. Proficiat Bernard!!! Zeer knap verwoord!!!
    Zooo fijn jou hier te lezen en terug te denken aan onvergetelijke gelukkige momenten samen
    Hartsknuffel van Eddy, Marie-Ann en Alexander in Portugal, Ann-Sofie in Dubai ❤️

  7. Pieter Tieleman says:

    Dag Bernard,
    We hebben elkaar slechts 1 maal ontmoet in het vliegtuig van Portugal naar Nederland. Je verhaal heeft me ontroerd.
    Dankjewel en al het goede binnen en blijkbaar ook buiten het “normale “.
    Pieter T.

  8. Rann Castillo says:

    Good for you. You deserve good things
    ..God bless. Power to and for you.✌🏽👊🏽👍🏽🙂

  9. Uzay Kadak says:

    Keep up the good work Ben!

    1. Thanks Uzay. En feyenoord kampioen 🙂

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