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Delve into a universe where imagination meets reality: we are elated to present our latest artistic endeavor, “Desert Illusions.”, surrealism meets minimalism

The summer sun has not only been scorching in the sky but also fuelling a flurry of creative activity here.

Allow me to guide you through the highlights of this year’s summer of creation.

Enthusiasts of modern art are cordially invited to a unique exhibition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) art in the former Catholic church located at 34 Landpoortstraat, Willemstad.

We are excited to announce the official launch of Bernardus Muller’s groundbreaking new art collection, “Musica Maestro.” This extraordinary collection is not just a milestone for the artist, but also for the world of art and technology.

In an artistic endeavor, Bernardus Muller Art presents the “Swirling Colors Collection,” a collection that harnesses the full spectrum…          

Today, on June 26th, I am excited to introduce my newest creation, the “Tribute to Cobra” collection. This collection comes as a personal homage, 75 years European avant-garde…

In a groundbreaking event, an auction featuring art created by artificial intelligence (AI) made a successful splash in the international art scene. The AI Art Auction, the first of its kind, has garnered unprecedented attention and success, pushing the boundaries…

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands —June 7, 2023 — Bernard Muller, entrepreneur, ALS patient, and AI art creator, is proud to announce the launch of his website, 

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