banner tribute to Cobra collection by Bernardus Muller

Honoring the Revolutionary COBRA Art Movement:

Today, on June 26th, I am excited to introduce my newest creation, the “Tribute to Cobra” collection. This collection comes as a personal homage, 75 years after the influential European avant-garde movement called Cobra Art Movement took the art world by storm in 1948. Named after the home cities of its founders – Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), and Amsterdam (A) – the Cobra Art Movement brought a breath of fresh air with its unapologetic boldness, spontaneity, and imaginative vigor. The same qualities have seeped into my “Tribute to Cobra” collection, which I invite you to view in my gallery.

Creating Art Through a New Medium: AI and Eye-Gaze Technology

For the creation of this collection, I’ve employed the cutting-edge technology of AI, specifically generative AI, and eye-gaze art, which allows me to pour my personal experiences and emotions into the artwork. Despite AI’s limitations – its dependence on training data, and thus its lack of innate ‘creativity’ in the human sense – it has served as a formidable tool for me to convey the spirit of the Cobra Art Movement. Each piece of art stands as a testament to the enduring human spirit, the will to adapt and overcome adversity.

Tribute to Cobra: Respecting Originality and Exclusivity

Out of respect for the originality and exclusivity of the works that have inspired this tribute, the “Tribute to Cobra” collection is currently available for viewing only. It is a celebration of the transformative Cobra Art Movement, which continues to inspire countless artists around the globe, including myself, despite its commercialisation in later years. This tribute aims to honor the legacy and revolutionary spirit of the Cobra movement, and to express my fascination with their contributions to the art world.

Embrace the legacy of the Cobra Art Movement with me and explore the fascinating intersection of AI and art. Let’s pay tribute to the past while looking forward to the future of art. You can watch the collection here

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