The summer sun has not only been scorching in the sky but also fuelling a flurry of creative activity here. Allow me to guide you through the highlights of this year’s summer of creation.

a summer of creation and learning. Blogpost by Bernardus Muller

Website Transformation

First and foremost, the digital realm has a fresh face with the launch of my newly revamped website. It’s more than just a facelift; it’s a complete overhaul. Dive in to explore the brand-new webshop, indulge in linguistic diversity with content in eight languages, and meet Arti, Arti the artbot your dedicated art curator. I’ve also enriched the space with a revamped news section that provides the latest in AI art. Since its launch last week, the momentum has been geared towards amplifying web traffic and engagement.

Introducing ‘Desert Illusions

Simultaneously, my artistic spirit has birthed a vibrant collection titled ‘Desert Illusions’. An amalgamation of surrealism and minimalism, this series is an embodiment of vibrant creativity and is sure to captivate your senses.

Deep Dive into AI’s World

This summer also saw me embarking on an educational journey, diving deep into the realms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s been a challenging yet rewarding experience, especially with memories of my last math class being three and a half decades old. Today, I stand at the crossroads of experiments, crafting with my own coding models and deeply grateful to OpenAI’s decoder for smoothing out the eye-coding process. A fun fact: 90% of coding really is about debugging!

Unveiling AI Portraits Service

The acquired insights have paved the way for a new venture – AI portraits. A mere 20-30 pictures can produce mesmerizing AI-generated images. Quality and exclusivity remain the focus, with the commitment to delivering these on premium prints.

Celebrating Life

Amidst the hustle, August was enveloped in warmth and celebrations as I embraced my 50th year. The joy of being surrounded by loved ones was unparalleled. Each day is a testament to the human spirit, navigating through ALS and drawing strength from decisions like my tracheostomy.

First-Ever Exposition Alert!

And now, the pièce de résistance: my debut exposition! Set in a quaint old church close to my residence, it promises to be a rendezvous of art and emotions. Do drop by on September 30, October 1, and again on October 7-8, between 12-18h at Landpoortstraat 34, Willemstad. Your presence would be the cherry on top.

Keep the artistic spirit burning bright!