Eye-gaze AI Art. When eyes speak, art listens.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands —June 7, 2023 — Bernard Muller, entrepreneur, ALS patient, and AI art creator, is proud to announce the launch of his website, www.bernardusmuller.art

In 2010, Bernard was diagnosed with ALS, a condition that gradually took away his ability to move and speak. Undeterred, Bernard embraced technology and began creating art solely with his eyes.

Harnessing Eye-Gaze: Art in the Face of Adversity

Using an eye-gaze computer and artificial intelligence, Bernard crafts captivating pieces of art, now available for viewing on his new website. His inaugural AI art collection, the “Treeway AI Art Collection”, is inspired by the intertwined themes of life’s resilience and the relentless progression of disease. This collection signifies a groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and human endeavor.

The Treeway AI Art Collection, a one-of-a-kind series of ten art pieces, showcases the stunning potential of AI as a medium for artistic expression. Each piece is a culmination of creativity and technological innovation, manifesting as a striking visual narrative that communicates Bernard’s journey and perspective.

Changing the ALS Narrative: The Power of Hope and Resilience

Bernard Muller, a leading figure in the fight against ALS, has leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit and scientific curiosity to illuminate an innovative path, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, creativity and determination can flourish. He co-founded Treeway, a company dedicated to battling ALS, with fellow patient Robbert Jan Stuit, whose courage and vision also echo in the collection.

Every artwork from the Treeway AI Art Collection is an embodiment of Muller’s indomitable spirit and his passion to change the ALS narrative. Each piece also carries a message of hope, resilience, and the human potential to adapt and create, even when confronted with the most significant challenges.

Join Bernard’s Journey to make a difference

His first art auction will be on eBay on June 21, World ALS Day, marking his continued efforts to raise funds for ALS research projects.

Join Bernard as he defies the odds, creating beautiful AI art and making a difference in the ALS community. For more information, visit his website 

Further enquiries:

Mirjam Veldman tel: +31 6 54292206 email: mirjam@treeway.nl