In this inspiring picture series, “Someone Achieves,” the central focus is on individuals who rise to the challenge to make a significant contribution towards raising awareness and funds for ALS/MND in the relentless quest for a cure. The unique concept of this series was born during my travels, at a time when I was still physically able to explore the world.

Each photo captures a moment of triumph, resilience, and determination, symbolizing the extraordinary feats that ordinary individuals can accomplish when driven by a cause greater than themselves. The aim is not just to highlight their achievement, but also to serve as an inspiration for others to step forward and join the fight against ALS/MND.

The subjects of these photos are everyday heroes, their actions a beacon of hope in the long and difficult journey to find a cure for this debilitating disease. The name “Someone Achieves” emphasizes that everyone can make a difference, and every effort, no matter how small, is a step closer to our ultimate goal – a world free of ALS/MND.

As you peruse through this series, let each photo stir something within you – a renewed hope, a sense of purpose, and the determination to contribute towards this noble cause in your own unique way.

Photo´s are contributed by participants and courtesy of the respective photographers

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