In the picture series ‘Someone Travels,’ each snapshot highlights an individual, captured during my travels around the globe before ALS/MND limited my mobility. The series serves to highlight the unfettered determination of each person on their journey, a symbolic reflection of the randomness and unpredictability of ALS/MND. It’s a poignant reminder that the disease can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time, regardless of their current life path.

Just as these individuals find their way in the world, so too do we strive to find a path towards a cure for ALS/MND. Each image is a testimony to human resilience, a salute to the tenacious spirit that drives us to keep pushing, to keep exploring, and to keep fighting, despite the challenges we face. The series is a visual narrative of individual journeys and collective endeavors, a testament to our shared determination and effort in finding a cure for ALS/MND.

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